What is harmful to male libido and potency?

In addition to useful products, there are also a number of products that can provoke negative effects on the potency. Among the main of them are the following:

  • all kinds of smoked products. For their preparation, a special liquid smoke is used, it is very toxic and can harm testicles
  • alcohol, in a small dose, it can increase sexual desire, but this applies to 100 grams of red wine. If we talk about beer and other alcoholic beverages, they reduce the activity and production of male hormones. And beer still has phyto estrogens, female sex hormones, which are also harmful to men’s health
  • all kinds of fast food. Such a diet leads to slugging of the body, as well as the accumulation of various harmful substances, which worsen the production of testosterone
  • abuse of caffeine. Coffee fans should be aware that caffeine has the ability to kill free testosterone. This item also includes soda drinks. Besides the caffeine that is often added there, they also contain a lot of harmful sugar and its substitutes
  • excessive love for sweets, as well as for too salty food, negatively affects potency. Salt and sugar are a poisonous substance for the whole organism, including sexual function
  • the favorite spice of Caucasians – cilantro, in small amounts can be used to improve male libido, but in case of excessive use, it has the opposite effect.

Summarizing, it is important to note that a correct, balanced diet is the key not only to the general well-being but also to the presence of male power. Vegetables and fruits, seafood and fish, spices all qualitatively affect the male libido, but it is better to refuse from fast food, alcohol, and smoking because these substances are considered the main enemies in the process of producing testosterone.