What does influence on the impotence in men?

The fact is that impotence, that is, problems with erection, is quite a frequent problem for men. At the same time, the age of a man does not play a significant role. Although, due to a lack of testosterone, men over 40 are more prone to such a problem. What happens when a bad erection occurs? The penis becomes sluggish, quickly loses its elasticity, or cannot come to a state of excitement at all. Thus, a full sexual intercourse simply cannot happen because of the problems of a man. The days when doctors called this ailment impotence, have passed. Now there is another name: erectile dysfunction. Problems with erection can break not only the relationship with a partner, but also prevent the very flow of life, cause psychological problems. There are cases when impotence became only the first step on the way to infertility, inflammation and other unpleasant consequences.

Today, doctors allocate only two variants of an erectile dysfunction, which are experienced by men. It can be either psychogenic impotence, which happens mainly due to stress and organic, that is, because of the physical cause. Most often, organic impotence develops because of problems with internal organs.

For psychological impotence, doctors also distinguish several basic causes, among which we can mention:

  • psychological trauma mainly from childhood, possibly teen age
  • the presence of negative intimate experience or its complete absence due to fear of negative feelings
  • problems in the relationship
  • fear of STDs.

Contrary to popular belief, not always the cause is associated with a partner. Often the cause is stress, which is triggered by poor relations in the family, conflicts at work and problems with finances or self-actualization. Often impotence becomes a problem for young fathers who help in caring for a child and cannot fully sleep and rest. When the cause of stress eliminates, the problem disappears by itself.

As for organic factors, it is increasingly prosaic. Most often, this concerns diseases that are associated with:

  • endocrine system, because this affects the amount of testosterone in the body
  • vessels, because it is associated with problems with the cardiovascular system, as well as hypertension and atherosclerosis
  • sexual organs, as this often means the presence of infections
  • harmful habits (tobacco and alcohol)
  • lack of exercise
  • long-term treatment with the use of powerful drugs.

Problems with erection often depend on the problems that have accumulated in the body, rather than with age. Chronic diseases become aggravated, and stress accumulates, which leads to the so-called ‘effect of the bomb.’

Quite often, serious problems, such as hypertension, obesity, osteochondrosis and other diseases can easily cause a violation of erectile function. A bad habit is not only capable of approximating the death of a person, but also greatly adversely affecting his life. Physical stress is also necessary, especially when it comes to a person who constantly leads a sedentary lifestyle.

In case of problems with erection, a man simply cannot perform sexual intercourse. Ideally, if you take normal conditions, a man experiences a sexual attraction to a partner and is able to complete sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction means that a man either does not feel attracted to a partner at all, or experiences it in a very weak form.

How to determine erectile dysfunction:

  • sexual attraction is absent
  • sexual attraction is present, but the erection does not appear
  • penis cannot be inserted into the vagina
  • sexual intercourse ends very quickly
  • a man cannot reach orgasm.

An important criterion is that both types of erectile dysfunction develop in different ways. The psychological problem can appear suddenly and become aggravated during the period of stress. The night erection is preserved, in the case of sexual intercourse the penis remains firm, as it should be.

If we talk about organic impotence, then its symptoms develop gradually. The older a man becomes, the weaker his erection is. Nocturnal erection disappears. A man cannot finish a sexual act. The state of the organism is accompanied by illnesses.

How to identify problems with the potency of a man:

  • he attempts to avoid closeness
  • there is lack of his initiative
  • there is lack of reaction to provocation and direct hints.