Honey as a natural substance for the men’s potency

Since the past, people have appreciated this product rich in healthy components and delicious taste. Honey has always been valuable because of the method of its obtaining. The wild bees collected honey to their hives, which were located in the places difficult to get. Later, people learned to create artificial bee-gardens, which made the honey collection much easier.

First of all, honey is valuable for its useful components because it contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the men’s potency. The composition includes B vitamins, ascorbic acid, potassium, magnum, sodium, sulfur, and chlorine minerals. The principal components of honey are glucose and fructose (up to 80%).

The useful characteristics of honey depend on its kind. The best varieties are thought to be the fair kinds (for example, melilot honey). At the same time, the darker honey contains more minerals.


Useful actions of honey for the men’s potency

The best variety for the males is chestnut honey. It is characterized by the darker color and extraordinary bitterish after-taste. Because of such features, it is considered to be of the inferior quality. The chestnut honey has much more helpful components than the fairer honey. This variety has a prominent bactericidal action. It’s frequently used against cold, prostatitis, and in order to regulate the arterial/venous blood circulation. Such honey is also good against various kidney diseases. All these therapeutic qualities have a positive impact on the sexual potency.


The recipes for the men’s potency

There is one nice recipe, which can affect the potency of a man and his sexual desire. It contains the walnuts and honey. The mixture is often titled natural Viagra. The way of cooking is as follows:

  • pound the walnuts
  • add honey to them.

It is enough to consume 3 tablespoons of the mixture 5-6 hours before sleep. The other nuts with honey might be also helpful.

Besides, you can use honey instead of sugar (for example, for your tea) because the latest is a substance, which is able to reduce the testosterone level, while this sex hormone influences on the sexual structures and potency.