How is the potency and position of the body related to sleep?

For every person, both men and women, sleep is an extremely important process that is directly related to the process of restoring the body. However, for men, sleep is also important because it is capable of influencing potency. To make this impact positive, you need to choose the right pose for sleep and give enough time to sleep each day. It was revealed that there are two poses that bring the body the maximum amount of harm. Let’s consider them in more detail:

  • one of the most standard poses, when a man lies on his stomach, provokes excessive pressure on the bladder. Due to this, blood circulation is disturbed and the body cannot get an erection
  • the second pose that harms men is a sleeping on a too high pillow. The head is raised too high and the pituitary gland does not produce hormones in the required amount, which leads to problems.

What is the best way to sleep then? The best posture: lying on the back so that the head lies on a low pillow. Also, be sure to get enough sleep every day, otherwise, the lack of sleep will accumulate and eventually lead to undesirable consequences.