Levitra Side Effects

Today, erectile dysfunction is a popular problem as many men face it. Particularly affected are those whose age exceeds 40 years. Do not ignore such a violation. After all, it can provoke impotence without proper decision. And this fact just frightens many men. Therefore, you do not need to bring your health to such a state. Having faced erectile dysfunction, a man begins to look for a solution. Levitra has become a true salvation in such cases. These pills are designed to deal with ED.

Levitra is a drug that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Tablets help to get rid of violations and restore sexual functions for a while. As a result, men who take experience normalization of erection gaining and maintaining. Nowadays, Levitra is one of the safest and the most convenient drugs. Pills are available in different dosages. You can improve sexual desire and potency as well as increase the duration of sexual intercourse with their help. Also, the drug is inexpensive, which makes it even more popular.

The action of the drug is aimed at blocking a chemical that does not allow the blood to enter the penis. This leads to the fact that the erectile dysfunction disappears. It is worth knowing that the increase in blood flow is due to the release of a chemical substance when the brain signals. This happens when a man feels sexual arousal. As a result, all the arteries are filled in the genitals; there is pressure, which is usually called an erection. But sometimes phosphodiesterase is a violation of this chemical, so there is an outflow. And Levitra blocks it, so the blood supply is normal. It is worth remembering that this drug is not aimed at creating an erection, it only strengthens it. This occurs by blocking phosphodiesterase and enhancing sexual desire. The action of the remedy comes already in a third of an hour after the person took the pill. The effect lasts for 6 hours.

Before you start taking this medication, you should consult a doctor for advice. Levitra is aimed at blocking the chemical, because of which there is an outflow. But that the effect of the drug is higher, a person should experience a great sexual desire. The medicine is designed for internal use. It can be taken at any convenient time, no matter with food or without. Often doctors prescribe a dosage of 10 mg. These tablets are consumed 30-60 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. The effect of the drug will begin when the man has sexual desire. In some cases, the dosage is increased to 20 mg, and it can also be reduced. It depends on the effect of the drug, the individual patient’s tolerance of the remedy. But the dosage should not exceed 20 mg. Besides, do not several times a day to drink tablets. If there are side effects, it is recommended to quit taking the drug.

Side effects Levitra are often easily tolerated by patients. Nevertheless, there are certain side effects. A very small number of men after the admission complain of a headache. In some of them, side effects are manifested in the form of a stuffy nose. In rare cases, there are such side effects: puffiness, nausea, vomiting, deterioration of vision, soreness in the lower back.

It is not forbidden to use this medicine with alcoholic beverages. But it is worth remembering that in this case, the liver is loaded twice as much. For this reason, the effect of the drug may occur later. Initially, alcohol is processed, and then the liver reacts to the tablets. If a man drinks alcoholic drinks during Levitra’s reception, then he should prepare for the following consequences: an erection may be delayed for a couple of hours; you can get upset stomach and headache. Treatment with Levitra should depend on the individual characteristics of each organism. Dosage for each patient should be different. It is recommended to consult the specialist first, and then begin treatment. Also, do not forget about the contraindications which are indicated in the instructions for use. If you follow all the recommendations, then you can combat erectile dysfunction with Levitra.