Side Effects of Levitra

Often the erection is impaired due to a variety of nervous disorders. This kind of dysfunction can be of an episodic nature; it arises in the most stressful situations and disappears independently when the psychological state of a man is normalized. Thus the morning erection is saved, and immediately before the sexual certificate it weakens or disappears completely. Such erectile dysfunctions can be caused by:

  • psychological trauma. It is not uncommon for an adult male to have problems with potency if, during his childhood or adolescence, parents incorrectly engaged in sexual education. In other words, sex was presented as a shameful occupation, necessary only for the continuation of the family.
  • personal factors Erection occurs due to certain experiences and feelings of men. In connection with the fear of being rejected by a partner or falling in her eyes like a lover, a man blocks his sexual reactions and independently refuses intimacy
  • interpersonal factors. One of the most common causes of this group is the lack of understanding in relationships with an intimate partner.

Other interpersonal factors actively influencing the state of potency include the struggle of spouses for leadership, hostile attitudes towards each other, lack of attachment, deception or betrayal. Often, the indifference of a partner is expressed in complaints of fatigue or a headache, in which the partner refuses intimacy and weakly expresses his feelings.

Levitra is a Good Friend of Men

Surely everyone knows that an erection is the result of a man’s sexual arousal. And in turn, behind the erection, there are a lot of psycho-physiological reactions, among them – the appearance of the corresponding emotional mood, the relaxation of smooth muscles, the flow of blood to the crotch and penis, the hardening of the penis and its readiness for sexual intercourse. In some men, they are temporary, episodic, and can be associated with a psycho-emotional background or certain current diseases; in others, sexual dysfunction becomes permanent, protracted, and the causes can be covered in a wide variety of factors.

Currently, many medical professionals, as an additional component of the element in the main medical course or as an independent tool, prescribe to their patients a Levitra drug.

This medicine, being a unique tool for the effectiveness of influence on the male body, safety, and cost, helps to cope with such a serious sexual problem for almost all men without exception, including people of advanced age and men suffering from various diseases. Getting into the body, the remedy does not allow the enzyme PDE5 to act negatively on the process of sexual arousal, and also causes those reactions that are necessary to fill the penis with enough blood.

The active ingredient Vardenafil is perfect; it causes a minimum of side effects and limitations to admission while showing an excellent result, even with the most neglected pathology. Another positive moment of taking the remedy is the opportunity to combine it with high-calorie food and alcoholic beverages.

Contraindications, Side Effects, and Interaction with Other Drug Groups

Absolute contraindications can be considered an individual allergic reaction to individual components of the drug, especially Vardenafil. You cannot use Levitra if you suffer from heart diseases, in which it is mandatory to take medications containing organic nitrates in any form of release. After advising the doctor, Levitra should not be used if a patient has experienced heart attacks, strokes, exacerbations of peptic ulcer and in the presence of pronounced deformation changes in the anatomical shape of the penis.

Levitra is well tolerated by patients, which has been proven by multiple studies; minor adverse effects are caused by the vasodilating action of the drug. Therefore, especially often there may be a headache, flushing to the face, a coming impairment of the visual function. At the occurrence of any symptom, it is necessary to lower a dose in following reception of preparation.

It is not desirable to use Levitra with alpha-blockers, erythromycin, antifungal drugs if you need to take the above drugs, then after consulting a doctor should take a minimum dose of Levitra equal to 5 mg or a quarter of the pill. It is not permissible to use Levitra with nitrates and donators of nitric oxide.